Director of Cooperatives, Labor and Social welfare Office, Jolfa branch announced about producing electronic devices and computers in a village near that city.

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Ada (or Adaq?) means Island and 'Ada Electronic' is one of the Islands in the ocean of technology needs, which provides the optimal solutions for the needs of its customers.

In 138, electronics expert came together and formed a research team in order to release their research projects to the production and presentation phase. Due to the multiplicity of existing schemes, a number of them including “queue management system – ADAQueue” and “computer message displays” were chosen as the first phase and design optimizing was done for mass production.


In this regard, the ADAQ Electronic Company as a designer and producer of electronic and computer equipments formally established the existence of the entity in 1382. (In this regard, the ADAQ Electronic Company as a designer and producer of electronic and computer equipments was founded in 1382)

In a very short time the company builds its commercial base on the activities below:

Granted more than 100 delegates

Making sales network and after-sales services throughout the country

Extensive scientific and commercial relations with foreign active firms

Began the construction of the factory building in the city of Jolfa


In 1383, after obtaining the Operation License from the Ministry of Mines and Industries the mass production of queue management system, computer message display, clock and calendar digital system, currency rate displays and anti-theft system began.


Within two years of around the clock attempt (endeavor) and committed experts of ADAQ Electronic achieved a great place in technology and validation of performance in which it could won the 100 hundred queue management system of Sepah Bank auction and surpassed all domestic competitors as well as foreign companies from countries such as Sweden and hand in the project in less than a month and without any delay.


After submitting ADAQueue ® management queue system, the design and production of  ADAQiosk ® Queue - Information Kiosk began in order to integrate the informing system, automated services system such as paying bills, receiving account report, and registration. As the result of this integration ADAQiosk ® became a unique product and because of this features it was named Queue- Kiosk (Queue-Qiosk)

In 1384, ADAQ Electronic Company change into a largest manufacturer of computerized queue management system around the country (Iran) by signing contracts with different banks such as Sepah, Karafarin, Tose’e Saderat, companies, other institutes such as hospitals, Police + 10 agencies, Airline agencies, Laboratories.


In 1385, after establishing the queue management system, a big step taken toward making the

Established in 1385 after the appointment scheduling system, the complete system is a great step toward a network of queues and appointment booking and banking information via SMS or phone line, and the Internet were completely removed.


In the same year, with winning the 100 hundred queue management system of Sepah Bank auction, the mass production of Information ADAQiosk began.

In 1386 the contact including 500 digital clock and calendar boards via network was signed with Ansar Finance and Credit Institution. In this project for the first time in Iran all the information boards in all branches were updated via network and by the central server.

In the same year, winning Tejarat Bank auction the mass production of currency boards via network with the ability of online controlling began.

This innovative solution (ADAQ queue management system) which was presented for number of municipalities also installed for other areas as well. The digital clock and calendar was installed for 300 branches of Melli Bank.

in 1387 ADAQ Electronic Company won the biggest non-PC based queue management system auction which was included 400 branches of Tejrat bank and performed it successfully.


In 1389-90 with the experience of equipping more than 3000 bank branches and other institutes with queue management systems, the information Qiosk, clock and calendar boards exporting the queue management system to Central Asia began.

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