Director of Cooperatives, Labor and Social welfare Office, Jolfa branch announced about producing electronic devices and computers in a village near that city.

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Information Kiosks

The aim of designing ADA Kiosk is the integration of information, automated services such as paying bills, receiving the account report and registration, Electronic Queue Management System and the attendance system.

This integration has made ADA Kiosk a unique product. The advantages of ADAD kiosk in comparison with other kiosks are listed below:

-  Audio and video guide for different segments of the software

-  Connecting to the queue management system as the ticket issuance machine

-  Audio connection through amplifier in order to use in voice calling system of the queue management system

-  The possibility to operate as the attendance system with card reader or fingerprint

-  Associated with cash and notes received

-  Possibility of having audio and video conference

-  Connecting to the internet in Dial up, ADSL or via RS485, RS232,TCP/IP protocols

-  Checking bank accounts situation (statue) in print or on screen

-  PROXIMITY card reader support for VIP subscribers

-  Queue management for overcrowded centers in person or via telephone, text message or internet

-  Giving information to costumers about the services and facilities

-  Possibility of participatory management through survey and suggestion systems

-  Capability of operating for different bank’s database and appropriate reporting

-  In beautiful styles with acceptable stability in various designs and colors with proper and sufficient space to embed the computer, printer and the monitor (display)

Considering the fact that the kiosk is a direct connection with the customer; shape, color, size, harmony and compatibility with the environment around is of a meticulous matter. Therefore ADAQ Electronic Company by meeting the standards of highly professional designs inspired by foreign samples has begun to design and manufacture inside the country and even in some cases has improved stability, steel appearance and possibility of installing varied printers.

Elegant and versatile design (three types), aerodynamic curves, appropriate size and different colors can be chosen by the customer (red, yellow, green, blue, silver),  as well as adequate space for installing accessories equipments, ventilation, great stability has made it a unique product.

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