Director of Cooperatives, Labor and Social welfare Office, Jolfa branch announced about producing electronic devices and computers in a village near that city.

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Currency Boards

Currency Displays, high-resolution LED matrix (40*16, 75.3 diameter, in three colors) with the capability of:

-  Displaying numbers in Persian and English constantly

-  Displaying an additional row for showing the other currency rates as a running screen

-  Each containing five figures, in total ten for each currency

-  Input port from computer for transferring data in series or parallel regulating by the user

-  Input port from keyboard for transferring data in series regulating by the user

-  Ram memory and back up battery to retain data in case of power failure


Time and Date

-  Six-digit clock in 24-hour format, with three colored LED and high-resolution (64x16) and capability of showing Persian and English constantly with different colors

-  Shamsi and Georgian date in 10 characters with three colored LED and high resolution (80*16) and capability of showing Persian and English continuously with different colors

-  Capability of showing various countries week days and  time in Persian and English

-  Chip clock lithium battery with a life expectancy of 10 years produced in 2005 and capability of showing date up to 99 years a highly accurate crystal inside

-  Changing the summer and winter time automatically

  Written Display

-  Ability of displaying all digits and numbers of Persian and English in small and capital

-  Capability of showing  various displaying effects, graphic files in bmp formats and all the fonts  supported by windows

-  128*16  matrix equals 2048 numbers with three colored LED

-  Dot Matrix LED in three colors and in 5mm diameter

-  Ease at changing data at any point in time with a constantly   specific software by PC

-  Change the information via keyboard with no special expertise

-  Changing data via keyboard without any specialization (without the need of any expert )

-  Displaying date and the daily time of week if required

-  Displaying environmental temperature with environmental calibration on board if required

-  Possessing fixed memory for displaying services and temporary contents (text) in case of power failure

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