Director of Cooperatives, Labor and Social welfare Office, Jolfa branch announced about producing electronic devices and computers in a village near that city.

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Digital Clock and Calendar Display

ADAQ digital clock and calendar system is a complete luxury (fancy) pack of an advance information system which the quality, variety of facilities, ease of installation and the price have made it a unique product.

Some features of ADAQ Digital Clock and Calendar

Possibility of changing data in three ways:

1. Through network and controlling all the displays nationwide(around the country)

2. Through ADAQ software form a local computer

3. Using the keyboard with a computer

- Separate window(tab) for calendar display

- Separate window for time and temperature display

- Displaying Shamsi and Georgian calendar

- Displaying date in Persian and English

- Displaying three different time in three different colors

- Applying high-resolution Dot matrix LED

- Separate window (tab) for displaying colorful advertising messages besides all kinds of effects

- Applying SMD method in manufacturing all boards with high quality resulting in small volume

- Possibility of displaying different messages relevant to the occasions

- Special software for currency exchange rates (currency and Rials)

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