Director of Cooperatives, Labor and Social welfare Office, Jolfa branch announced about producing electronic devices and computers in a village near that city.

Sahand TV interview
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The Central Control and Power unit (AD-QC-HUB)

The central control and power unit is in charge (responsible) for connecting all hardware equipments of the queue management system to its software. This unit is divided into regular (typical) and PC-independency.


A typical hub: This unit assigned to link all the displays, call machines and ticket issuance machines to the software’s queue management system. In addition all the mentioned units responsibility.


PC-independency hub:  This type includes memory, modern (advanced) processor, speed IC and broadcasting. Therefore there is the possibility of controlling the queue management system no need for PC.


Independent hub PC: PC independently of the type of memory, processor speed advanced IC and is sound. Overall control of the system without using any PC. 

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